Filigree on Silver/Gold Plated Hook


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Filigree was popular in the first part of the 20th Century.  It is delicate embellishment in which fine, pliable threads were curled and twisted into a design.  Precious metals like gold was often used. The designs varied from fine lacy shapes to symmetrical art deco styles. This is our take on the style.

Metal options:

Stainless Steel



Choose between three different designs. With a Sterling Silver Hook.

Filigree Floral Shape  35mm (R300)

Filigree Round Shape 35mm (R280)

Filigree Teardrop shape 50mm (R300)


Additional information

Material Variations

Brass, Stainless Steel


Filigree Floral Shape 35mm (R300), Filigree Round Shape 35mm (R280), Filigree Teardrop shape 50mm (R300)