About Us

About Me

With a background in Fine Arts my focus has always been in creating beautiful (and meaningful) things. In the last years the focus has shifted to the object and specifically jewellery. I create jewellery in ceramics, wood, acrylics and various metals and use these in their pure form or in the unlikely marriage of mediums. Our Studio is located on our Farm near the Maluti s and the jewellery reflects the landscape. Honest and simple the jewellery repeats the simplicity of the skyline and the complexity of the detail found in magnifying nature…geometric forms are often used with detail of texture and pattern.

The natural mediums of ceramics and wood remind one of the countryside. Copper and Brass repeats the warm colours found in the fields of grass and the cool stainless steel the blue sky.

As my studio is attached to our house it becomes part of everyday life…and everyone is involved. My three little children,  two boys and one girl play between the creative chaos and sometimes co-create by ruining my plans for me. New ideas are often born in this playtime. The creative process never stops and is ongoing as studio and everyday life coincide. The search for new combinations and mediums are ongoing and my practical engineer husband helps ground my ideas.
The jewellery is classic and timeless and suits most tastes. My ideal is to create a style which lasts yet reflects what is cutting edge and new. I wish to create works which are for everyday wear…but a special everyday.

The name comes from a sentimental story of when my husband was a child… he didn’t understand the difference between a “kameel” (a camel) and a “kameelperd” (a giraffe and directly translated, a camelhorse) he ended up calling both a “kameelperd”. His mother explained to him the difference with pictures.
“Hierdie is ‘n kameelperd (this is a camelhorse)”, she explained pointing at the giraffe. Then, singling out a picture of a camel, she explained that, “hierdie
is NET ‘N KAMEEL (This is ONLY A CAMEL and not a CAMEL HORSE)”. He ended up calling a camel “just a camel” or “Net’nkameel”. I chose this name
because it is personal… and my husband is really embarrassed when i tell the story!