Through Ear Drops

Through Ear Drops


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Done in the same way as the silhouette earrings the Earring is designed as one piece going straight through the ear. We are always looking for way that we don’t have to connect too many pieces in order to strengthen the piece.

This is our new favourite…can’t think of a better name.  So wish I could…


My Mom-in-law maintains a few colonies of bees and the honey that she gets from them have been such a joy. What a stunning example of mutual respect between man and nature. And so I have a soft spot for bees. This guy was drawn on a piece of paper and then transferred to the computer.

Length: 52mm long



Once you start looking at birds from a design angle the options are endless…what an array of form and pattern.  There will be more.  This one is a bit longer with three pieces and the top going straight through the ear. The colours are mixed with stainless steel at the top and a brass bird. Choose the colour of the glass piece.

Length: 70mm long

Price R200


A plain one with a very simplified flower reminding me of a softer fleur-de-lis.  I love looking at design history and the shapes that have been popular in the past. Stainless Steel through the ear and a brass flower.

Length: 50mm long

Price R200


Leaf with glass

A leaf with a single hanging teardrop made from glass.

Variations glass : Green



Variations Metal:  Brass

Stainless Steel


Length:  50mm long

Price R220


Additional information


Bee Length: 52mm long, Bird Length: 70mm long, Flower Length: 50mm long, Leaf with glass Length: 50mm long