Leaf Extensions (with Stud included)

Leaf Extensions (with Stud included)


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We love making jewellery that you can change and play with.  The newest to the range are the extension with beads…it changes the look completely. Day to night?  Or ordinary to special?  So much to do with these…add a plain stud instead of the flower…or ceramic or maybe even wood. The Flower stud comes with a double leaf extension and the Cubic Circonia Stud comes with a triple leaf ornamental or more theatrical design.

Flower with Double Leaf

Variations of metal :  Brass or stainless steel

Variations of the bead: White, Peach or Green

Length: 35mm


Cubic Circonia with Triple leaf and green bead.

Length: 33mm

Variation of metal: Brass or Stainless steel

No colour variations

Price: R260

Baroque with Pearl


Metal Variations: Stainless Steel, Brass


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Flower with Double Leaf, Cubic Circonia with Triple leaf and green bead., Baroque with Pearl

Variations of metal

Brass, stainless steel

Variations of the bead

White, Peach, Green, No variation